Research & Media

I’ve enjoyed opportunities to speak with podcasters and journalists about my work and other mental health-related topics. I linked to some of the episodes and articles below.

Information about my research is available through my Google Scholar page.



talkRADIO with Darryl Morris: World Suicide Prevention Day

Singal-Minded Conversations: Dr. Katie Gordon On Suicide Research, The Campus Culture Wars, And Florida’s Endearing Weirdness

Half Hour of Heterodoxy: Can Offensive Political Speech Cause Trauma?

Flash Forward: Farm to Tablet

Culturally Determined: Psychology and Pop Culture

CXMH: Diagnosing Darth Vader

No Restraints with Rudy Caseres

#SPSM: The Jedi Counsel Chats About Suicide Themes in Rick & Morty



When New York Pizza Became Better Than Chicago Pizza

Teens are Increasingly Depressed, Anxious, and Suicidal. How Can We Help?

Teen Girls are Now Poisoning Themselves at Alarming Rates. There Are Ways To Help.

A Promising New Clue to Prevent Teen Suicide: Empower Adults Who Care

How Jedi Counsel Brings Together Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, and Popular Culture

Emotion Regulation and Eating Disorders

How America Fails People of Color with Eating Disorders

In Lieu of Candy, Woman Handing Out This Letter That Says Child Is Fat

Eating Disorders and Suicide

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