Research & Media

You can learn more about my research through my Google Scholar page, curriculum vitae, or the media linked below.

Suicidal Behavior

A Promising New Clue to Prevent Teen Suicide: Empower Adults Who Care in Vox

No Restraints with Rudy Caseres

Culturally Determined, a podcast hosted by Aryeh Cohen-Wade

How Jedi Counsel Brings Together Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, and Popular Culture

Suicide Prevention Feature on Instagram on WDAY News

The Science of Suicide Prevention in ND Compass

Self-injury May Briefly Ease Emotional Pain, Study Shows in PostMedia news 

Eating Disorders

Emotion Regulation and Eating Disorders in Mirror Mirror

Farm to Tablet on Flash Forward, a podcast hosted by Rose Eveleth

How America Fails People of Color with Eating Disorders in Fusion

Narcissism and Eating Disorders in Psychology Today

Stop Obsessing: Women Spend 2 Weeks a Year on Their Appearance, TODAY Survey Shows

In Lieu of Candy, Woman Handing Out This Letter That Says Child Is Fat in The Atlantic

Halloween & the Stigma of Childhood Obesity on the Gil Gross Show

Psychiatric News: Overexercise to Control Weight Can Cause Psychological Harm

Suicidal Anorexics: Determined to Die? in Time

Eating Disorders and Suicide in Mirror Mirror


Can Offensive Political Speech Cause Trauma? on the Half Hour of Heterodoxy podcast hosted by Chris Martin

NDSU Interview about Teaching

KVRR News about Loneliness

Inside Higher Ed about Tenure in the State of North Dakota

University Responses to the Presidential Election in Psychology Today

Diversity Dialogues on Campus on KVRR

Phobias: More than Fear in the Fargo Forum

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