Kathryn H. Gordon, Ph.D.

Online Mental Health Resources

News of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic can be stressful and social distancing might limit people’s typical coping skills and therapy access. I compiled this list of online mental health resources that I hope you’ll find useful. All are free except for the self-help books listed at the end.

1. Guided Audio Relaxation Exercises (e.g., diaphragmatic breathing, guided imagery, mindfulness visualizations, progressive muscle relaxation)

2. Guided Audio & Other Self-Compassion Exercises (e.g., coping through self-soothing instead of self-criticism, allowing rather than avoiding emotions)

3. FearTools (an app with cognitive-behavioral therapy exercises for coping with anxiety)

4. WoeBot (an app with cognitive-behavioral therapy and other types of exercises for coping with mental health concerns)

5. The Psych Show with Dr. Ali Mattu – 10 Quick Anxiety Relief Techniques

6. Posts from My Psychology Today Blog (What to Do With Worry, 5 Ways to Deal with Distress, 9 Strategies for Overcoming Overthinking)

7. Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Dr. Marsha Linehan (cultivating acceptance, paced breathing, mindfulness/effectiveness, opposite action to change emotions)

8. Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills for Tolerating Distress (self-soothing, improving the moment, cultivating acceptance)

9. Crisis Text Line

10. Suicide Prevention Lifeline

11. Kindle-able Self-Help Books with cognitive-behavioral therapy frameworks: Show Your Anxiety Who’s Boss by Dr. Joel Minden and Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns